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Life Journals

A Life Journal is a tool for daily reading of the Bible and journaling your findings.

It also is a way to gather with a few like minded people during the week for encouragement, community and personal growth.

At Life Center CDA we want to help people become spiritual self feeders through personal devotions

and to gather weekly in a Life Journal small group for peer to peer discipleship.

Life Center Groups

Join a group and keep your faith in shape!

Our Spring session has just concluded. We will take a break over the summer and restart all our Life Center groups in the fall! Please come back and check in. We encourage people to do their Life Journal devotions as a personal spiritual discipline in this next season. Draw close to Jesus and His word this summer!


Listen to or read our messages from our Sunday morning weekly gathering.

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Giving tithes and offerings is an expression of love and worship. We think it’s also an act of obedience. Click the link “GIVE HERE” below if you would like to make a charitable donation to Life Center CDA. Thank you!

We now have an additional way to give online through our Planning Center App. Click “Give Now’ to learn more. It is easy, safe and secure!

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