Our Motto:

Loving God and Loving People

Our Mission:

Helping People Find and Follow Jesus

Our Hope:

  • To serve and encourage the community of the CDA region.
  • To help others discover, develop and deploy their God given dreams.
  • To create a culture of investment and training that will cause people to excel as disciplemakers.
  • To ignite an increased passion and enthusiasm for following God in our city.
  • To leverage creativity to win others to Christ, engage our culture and extend the gospel.

Our Values:

Healthy: Develop a Christ-like environment where people flourish and relationships grow.

Teams: Jesus built teams and so do we.

Fun: Joy is the evidence of God’s involvement and we enjoy following Jesus.

Excellence: We strive to do the best with what we have.

Encouragement: We will use our gifts to serve others, promote others and build up others.

Our Strategy:

To help people become:

  • Includers
  • Self Feeders
  • Disciplemakers